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Vaping Unveiled What Everyone Needs to Know 

Join us to learn why teen vaping and nicotine addiction are a public health concern. 

Breathe New Hampshire is pleased to offer our Vaping UnveiledTM program both virtually and in-person* to accommodate the demand for education surrounding vaping and nicotine. While this is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us, protecting youth and teens from the effects of nicotine addiction and potential lung disease remains our priority.                                                                            *In-person program requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis until further notice.

Presented by Breathe New Hampshire, our Vaping Unveiled™ program is also available in a shorter  virtual format. The program educates youth, parents, schools and the community about the dangers of youth nicotine addiction from vaping. Additionally, it covers the latest trends in NH and how e-cigarette use can affect susceptibility to respiratory viruses such as COVID-19. An optional Q & A can follow the 30-40 minute virtual presentation. Breathe NH can modify the content to accommodate specific virtual needs of a school, business, or organization requesting the program. Adjustments can be made for time constraints, age of an audience, and topics or areas of interest. Program currently offered at no charge. 

Click here for flyers, content outlines, fact sheets, and resources.

To request a program (virtual or in-person) at your school or community, please submit a Program Request Form to and save the request form before filling out so your information will be saved.)  

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 Go to My Life, My Quit for information on vaping, nicotine, tobacco products and free quit resources for teens.Teens speak with Quit Coaches that will help them build a quit plan and obtain ongoing support. Questions about this program can be directed to the NH Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program at 603.271.6891 or

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