New Hampshire Youth Network

Join the Breathe NH Youth Network.

 Join the New Hampshire Youth Network!
Participate in, organize, and lead activities in your community.

Our Vision and Mission

How Can I Get Involved? 

1. Become a member of the Youth Advisory BoardGet the YAB application here.
Up to thirty youth leaders serve on YAB. These youth are selected through an application process. They shape the program by developing messages and activities for their peers across the state. YAB members will:

  • Empower fellow New Hampshire youth to take action

  • Serve as a role model for youth throughout the state

  • Participate in, organize, and lead activities in your local community

  • Solicit feedback and input from local youth

  • Assist in planning and implementation of the statewide youth summit

  • Assist in planning and implementation of statewide activities

  • Serve as a spokesperson for the network upon request

2. Individuals and student organizations can become general members of the New Hampshire Youth Network.  

For more information about joining the network, or to send completed applications, contact Kim Coronis: 

  • Email -

  • Phone - 603-669-2411 x104

  • Fax - 603-645-6220

  • Snail Mail - Breathe New Hampshire, 145 Hollis St., Unit C,  Manchester, NH  03101 

 View & Print the NH Youth Network Brochure here



Follow the Shoes
Raise awareness of the Impact of tobacco use in NH.

 Dissect the Lies 

Learn the truth about cigarettes.


Earth Day "Bag the Butts"
Organize a group clean-up.

Butts Collected at Heritage Trail in Manchester


Youth Activism
Youth leaders for lung health.

 Learn more about the E-Cigarette
Policy Victory.