Youth Programs

Partner with Breathe New Hampshire!
Participate in, organize, and lead youth activities in your community.

Find out how you can bring a program and activity to your school or community.  

Call 603-669-2411 or email


                                            "Bag the Butts"

Organize a clean-up event in your community.
  • Select a location
  • Pick a date
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Contact us for “Bag the Butts” Toolkits
  • Collect discarded cigarette butts along with other litter  


Dissect the Lies

We provide the tools, you take the lead to
present this hands-on activity to learn the
truth about light vs. regular cigarettes. 







 Youth Activism

  We encourage youth to learn more
about lung health issues in New Hampshire. 
Together we can create change for 
better breathing and clean air. 




Learn more about past projects:

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