You Can Make a Difference

State officials are elected to represent you and need to hear from you to better understand issues that are important to their constituents. 

  • You can help legislators understand the factors that affect breathing in your community. Speaking up is the first step to making a difference. 

Lung disease is prevalent in New Hampshire. 

  • It is nearly impossible not to be personally affected by the large number of people diagnosed with lung disease each year, whether it is lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), or asthma. 

Advocacy is about making a positive change in your community and you can do this by sharing your story. 

  • Hearing personal stories about how lung disease has affected your life will make the issue more personal for legislators and have a stronger impact.

Let Your Voice Be Heard 

New Hampshire's "citizen legislature" is a great source of state pride. Representatives and Senators welcome communication, since many do not have offices at the State House, and have little or no staff to help them gather information.  You can find and get to know your legislators through the New Hampshire General Court.   

There are many ways to communicate with your legislators and build relationships with them.  One of the most effective ways is meet with them in person.  To contact your Legislator, you may call the House Clerk's office (603) 271-2548 or the Senate Clerk's office (603) 271-3420.   

Get Involved

Breathe New Hampshire actively supports public policies that impact lung health.  Join others to raise awareness of legislative issues that affect lung health in New Hampshire. For more information contact us at 603-669-2411 or email


What Is Advocacy?

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