New Hampshire Youth Network

 NH Soles Lost… At What Cost

The Breathe New Hampshire Youth Network™ (NHYN) is a statewide youth empowerment program for ages 11-18 whose mission is to create a new generation of leaders who will engage others in matters that impact breathing. Their tobacco awareness project, NH Soles Lost… At What Cost? was created to bring attention to the impact of tobacco use in New Hampshire as well as the number of lives lost in New Hampshire due to smoking. By collecting and displaying used shoes, members illustrated the following statistics:

1,900:  The number of people in NH who die each year from smoking

$729 Million:  amount of money spent on smoking-related health care costs in NH each year

$0:  amount of state money spent on tobacco use prevention in NH each year. NH does receive money from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) federal grant

158:  number of people in NH who die per month from smoking

1 Pair of shoes:   1 NH life lost from smoking

Different size shoes represent the various ages and occupations of those impacted by tobacco use who are no longer alive as well as those affected by secondhand smoke

WHY is this project important?  We want to discourage friends and family members from smoking. Many of us know someone who has died from a smoking related illness. 



Follow the Shoes!
Pairs Collected

We reached our goal!  

Thank you to everyone who donated and displayed shoes!



YAB with Shoes for Shoe Project

Youth Advisory Board members introducing NH Soles Lost… At What Cost? to the legislators at the NH State House in Concord