Lending Library

We are pleased to offer a Lending Library, made possible through a grant from the NH Medical Society. The goal of the Lending Library is to provide educators and health care providers with up-to-date educational materials at no cost.

The Lending Library is a collection of educational materials consisting of 3D displays, hands-on models, and DVD’s/videos for tobacco and lung health education. The Lending Library is open to any any public or private school, college, health organization or company in NH. 

The Lending Library includes hands-on models like Lou-Wheeze Smoker’s Lungs demonstrating both a healthy and a diseased lung, a Tar Jar showing the amount of tar in the lungs after one year of smoking, and a Gross Mouth model showing the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco on the mouth.  

The lending library also has educational tools such as a TB Reaction Arm demonstrating skin reactions to a TB test and an Empathy Lungs Simulator Vest that demonstrates what it's like to have the shortness of breath associated with COPD and other lung diseases.

The Lending Library materials can be borrowed at no cost for up to one week at a time. To borrow materials, you must complete a Lending Library Check-out Form and User's Lending Agreement. 

For more information about the Lending Library, contact Breathe New Hampshire at 669-2411 or email info@breathenh.org.

Displays and Models

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Tobacco Education
DVD's and Videos 

How I Quit Smoking and Saved My Life 
DVD (grades 8-12) running time: 23 minutes
Shows the short and long term effects of smoking and nicotine addiction, reasons for remaining tobacco-free, and information on quitting smoking.
*Includes a teacher’s guide and activities.

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts Smoking Kills
Video (Grade 7 – adult) running time: 24 minutes 
Shows the ravages of tobacco by presenting the facts in a clear and dynamic way. Helps raise awareness of the tobacco industry and the dangers of smoking. 
*Includes a teacher’s guide and activities.

Secondhand Smoke: A Matter of Life or Breath
DVD (grades 7-12) running time: 11 minutes
Shows the dangers of secondhand smoke and the diseases it can cause.
*Includes a teacher’s guide and activities.

Empathy Lungs COPD Simulator  -  Educational Tool

This is a simulator vest and airway mask worn to show the shortness of breath associated with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and other lung diseases. To be used on a voluntary basis while under the supervision of a trained professional, this is a unique, hands-on simulator for short term use of just fifteen to thirty minutes, during which the wearer physically experiences COPD’s shallow breathing, as well as the emotional distress from the feeling of “not getting enough air".  

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