Kerr Past Recipients

The Robert B. Kerr Award is Breathe New Hampshire's highest honor and was established in 1966 in recognition of Dr. Kerr. The Kerr Award is given to person who consistently demonstrates a selfless professional or personal commitment to furthering lung health in the region.

Recipients of the Robert B. Kerr Award

1966 Robert B. Kerr, MD

1967 Edward J. Gallagher

1969 Marion L. Garland

1970 Anna Philbrook, MD

1971 James J. Powers, MD

1972 Elizabeth Dwinnell

1973 Mary Atchison, MD

1974 Dorothy Peterson

1975 Msgr. P.J. Kenneally

1976 Constance M. Martin, RN

1977 Mary E. McGorry, RN

1978 Bascom Johnson, MD

1979 Charles F. Whittemore

1980 Vincent DeNobile

1983 Forrest Bumford

1984 Sylvio Dupuis, OD

1985 Hamilton Putnam

1986 Richard Curtin

1987 Joseph Fraser, MD & Robert Klein, MD

1981 Irene Peters

1982 Peter Barlow, MD

1988 Robert A. Wells, Esq

1989 Elizabeth A. Burtt, PHN

1990 Sen. Elaine Krasker

1991 Kathleen L. Zaso, RN, MPH

1992 Albee L. Budnitz, MD

1993 William C. Stephan, MD.

1994 Francis M. Woods, MD

1995 William E. Boyle, MD 

1996 Leonard M. Small, MD 

1997 Gov. Jeanne Shaheen

1998 Sen. Judd Gregg

1999  Barbara Metivier

2000 Henry Fuller

2003 Joan Stevens

2005 Steven R. Grandgeorge, MD

2006 Henry Worth Parker, MD

2007 Palmer Jones

2008 Dana Mitchell 

2009 Lynn Feenan, RN, MSN, AE-C

2010 Sen. Betsi DeVries

2011  Chip Gatchell

2012 Mark Windt, MD 

2013 Essy Moverman 

2013 Mary Ann Riley

2014 Donald A. Mahler, MD

2015 Vincent Kanhai-Singh

2016 Kate McNally

2017 Arthur G. Robins, MD

2018 Margaret Guill, MD

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