Bag the Butts

Join us for the Bag the Butts 2018! 

NEW THIS YEAR! Breathe New Hampshire is hosting Bag the Butts in downtown Manchester! Local businesses, schools, groups and individuals are encouraged to join us anytime in the afternoon to clean-up the park! 

Friday, April 13, 2018

12:00 - 4:00 PM 

Veteran's Memorial Park ~ Manchester

Any time is a great time to Bag the Butts.  Organize your own Bag the Butts event in your neighborhood, at your workplace, school campus, or favorite park. Breathe New Hampshire provides free toolkits!  Cigarette butts are one of the world’s greatest environmental litter problem, taking up to 10 years to decompose and containing toxic chemicals. Breathe New Hampshire offers a Bag the Butts clean-up initiative state-wide.

For more information: contact 603-669-2411 or

Breathe New Hampshire would like to thank all the individuals and groups who participated in Bag the Butts last year:  Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco-Free Communities (CCTFC), which included raffle winner The Greater Keene Rotaract Club (GKRC), Keene High School Interact Club, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Keene Lions Club. More than 100 volunteers on the CCTFC team collected 6,000 cigarette butts and other litter in Keene, Swanzey and Winchester.

Tobacco Control Specialist at CCTFC Jane Skantze said, “Not only did we rid our towns’ parks and beaches of cigarette litter, we raised awareness of the environmental and health hazards of tobacco use.” 

Other teams were the Pembroke Academy Key Club and Raymond Coalition for Youth, both longtime Bag the Butts participants.  Pembroke Academy put a different spin on the activity by running a Bag the Butts and trash scavenger hunt at the school as part of their health fair.

Pembroke Academy Key Club

  Bag the Butts 2017

Pembroke Academy Key Club participated in their school’s health fair and sponsored a scavenger hunt.  For "Bag the Butts", the Key Club added cigarette butts to their scavenger list.

  We welcomed new partner Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities.  Over 100 volunteers "Bagged the Butts" at seven different locations.

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Bagging the Butts in NH

Why Bag the Butts?

Impact of Smoking

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